Work Comp Claims
Can Spiral Out of Control Without
Effective Oversight and Support

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Mismanaged and late reported claims is one of the biggest reasons business owners pay so much for workers’ comp insurance.

You have a company to run. Let our team assist you working closely with your claims examiner who will provide you with the Resources and Support you’ll need to help your injured employees…

Freeing you up your time to focus on your business.


We’ll assist you by helping you navigate and communicate with your insurance carriers claims examiner. The focus will be to work together assisting you and them with the information they need to oversee and manage your employees’ injuries from the moment the claim is filed.

We’ll work with you and the claims team to help your employees get prompt medical care and positive results for your business.

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Bilingual Employee Advocates

An injured employee fears for his or her future.

They risk getting lost in a system that they perceive doesn’t care about them.

Our focus is helping bridge cultural divides to help your injured employees understand you’re on their side.

When you clearly communicate with your employees and they know you want them back at work ASAP, they are 90% less likely to hire a lawyer.

Experience Modification Management

A good Experience MOD or a bad Experience MOD can make or break a business.

Many Experience Mod calculations contain errors: Wrong Classification Codes, Incorrect Payrolls, or Inaccurate Claim Expenses.

For contractors, it means winning a bid or sitting on the sidelines.

We work diligently to get your Experience MOD where it needs to be for your continued success.

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Accident Investigation & Fraud

It’s crucial to spot Red Flag potential Fraud situations that can cost thousands of dollars and potentially destroy Company Culture.

Even after getting through the hiring process, a new employee might have some dishonest motives. The biggest motive is easy money.

Sometimes workers may work a second job or have a side business while making false claims that they are too injured to work. They would be receiving lost wages from their workers comp policy while also earning money from their other job.

Another draw to fraud is time off. 

If a worker is dishonest, he/she can collect insurance money and claim they are unable to work while pursuing other activities.

Common Cases of Fraudulent Claims

  • Late reported Injuries
  • Claims Reported first thing Monday Morning
  • Hurt Off the Job
  • Fake Injuries
  • Old Injury
  • Malingering
  • Inflated Injuries

What Can Business Owners Do to Combat Work Comp Fraud?

It’s important to have a safety program in place to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. However, if an accident does occur, it’s important to have post injury management procedures in place. Having an Insurance Carrier that is aware of the red flags can help as well.

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