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Workers Compensation



Alternative Risk Solutions

5 BIG Workers Compensation Challenges

ONE: How do I find skilled workers without hiring a work comp claim problem… and still stay in compliance with all the laws and regs?

Preventing Work Comp claims starts at the time of hire.

TWO: What simple and effective safety training can I easily implement to prevent workplace injuries?

Safety Training is crucial in preventing claims… and often times improves Company Culture and Employee Productivity.

THREE:  I’m confused! Help me understand my Experience Mod calculation… and how I can lower it?

Very few Insurance Agents can explain how your Experience Mod calculation works… and even fewer can help you effectively lower it.

FOUR: When a Work Comp claim happens how do I keep it from getting out of control?

Work Comp claim costs can quickly spiral out of control without a Team assisting you.

FIVE:  When a serious workplace injury happens, what support should I expect from my insurance agent?

Your Insurance Advisor should have the experience, understanding of the Work Comp system, and access to Resources to offer you Professional Guidance and Support when a serious workplace injury occurs.

Focusing on your Workers Comp Insurance challenges while reducing your Cost of Risk.

Unfortunately, many business owners learn the truth about workers’ comp the hard way: Don’t learn the hard way. 

When an employee is injured and you’re not sure where to turn or who to ask for help, it can give you the feeling that maybe the system is not working for you, it is working against you? Do you ever feel this way?

If your employees claims are not processed properly or timely, it hurts both you and your employees.

You have the power to end this cycle that is draining your time, energy and money, not to mention, upsetting your employees. 

You need an equalizer, someone to assist you and your employees.

You need a Workers’ Comp Insurance Advisor who focuses on reducing risk and workplace injuries while minimizing your Workers Compensation Insurance costs. 

Mike’s focus has been decades of hands-on experience utilizing an innovative approach positioning his clients with the time to truly care about their employees’ well-being while creating a safe and happy workforce.

With our insurance program, you can go back to growing your business instead of being drawn into the workers’ comp process.

Discover Mike’s Four-Step Proven Road Map to Turning Your Workers Compensation Program into a Competitive Advantage

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Workers Compensation

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Medical Expenses Coverage

Risk Factors

A painter falls off a ladder while working on a ceiling and breaks a leg. His workers’ compensation policy pays for the ambulance ride to the hospital, surgery, medications, and physical rehabilitation.


When an accident happens at a workplace, workers’ compensation covers the cost of immediate care, such as an ambulance ride or an emergency room visit. It also helps pay for surgical procedures, medications, hospital stays, and other medical bills. Ongoing care, such as continuing medication and physical rehabilitation, is also covered.

Lost Income Coverage

Risk Factors

An HVAC installer accidentally lowers an air-conditioner unit on his foot and breaks several bones. The installer has to stay off his feet for a month, which prevents him from working. The installation company’s workers’ comp policy pays part of the wages that would have been earned during the month of missed work.


A serious injury can prevent an employee from returning to work for days, weeks, or even months. Workers’ compensation often pays for part of the wages lost while an employee is recovering from a workplace injury or occupational illness.

Rehabilitation Coverage

Risk Factors

Your disabled employee may also receive a Transferable Skills Analysis. This helps find other roles for them where they can learn new skills and work with their disability.


Workers’ comp can help cover your employee’s ongoing care. This includes ongoing physical therapy or vocational rehabilitation to help them learn new skills so that they can return to work in a different role. Workers’ comp can even help cover any new training and certifications.

Disability Benefits

Risk Factors

Sometimes a work-related injury or illness can leave your employee disabled. If an employee who slips in the office and breaks her wrist may be partially disabled and continue to work, but only for half days until it heals.


If your disabled employee has to take time away from work to recover, workers’ compensation can help them recover some of their lost income until they return to work. If your employee has a permanent disability, workers’ comp can give them disability benefits for life.

Compensation For Fatal Injuries Coverage

Risk Factors

An electrician accidentally touches a live wire, goes into cardiac arrest, and dies. The electrical company’s workers’ comp policy covers the cost of the funeral and burial. It also provides financial support to the electrician’s spouse and children.


When a work-related incident is fatal, workers’ compensation pays death benefits that cover funeral expenses and help support the deceased individual’s family.


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